DLS – the conventional leaf spring system.

The DLS – the conventional leaf spring system – is the optimal chassis solution for 10.5 t axle loads. It is suitable for on and off highway usage and is compatible with most 22.5", 19.5" applications with 19.5" brakes. Heat management is optimised through the intelligent arrangement of the conventional leaf spring system the wheel hub and brake disc. The brake disc is made out of a wear-resistant iron alloy (a Mercedes-Benz patent) and all wearing parts are structurally identical to Mercedes-Benz truck axles. This makes maintenance easier, increases safety and lowers lifecycle costs.

Technical data




Permissible axle load



Wheel offset

ET 0

ET 0

Wheel track, spring centre

Suitable for all standard vehicle versions


Air bellows diameter (Ø)

360 mm / 360 K / 360 L


Ride heights

215mm – 490mm

215mm – 490mm

Min. wheel size




SN 6

SN 7

Brake disc diameter (Ø)

370 mm 4

30 mm


≥ 470 kg

≥ 515 kg

Type of bearing

conventional bearings


Paint system

Cathodic dip priming



Supersingle / twin

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